Loopsy Dazy

Based out of Montreal, Colorado-born, Kyoto-raised Loopsy Dazy is a live-looping electronic-acoustic hybrid project by Mikey Dorje. Analog synth, beats and acoustic guitar are core to Loopsy Dazy's setup, which he performs through a highly customized Ableton Live rig allowing him to loop, layer, twist, chop and hyper-modulate his entire performance in real-time, without the use of any pre-made audio samples, bed tracks, midi files, synth sequences or drum machine patterns whatsoever.

Originating in 2011, Loopsy Dazy established itself as a staple in Toronto's underground electronic community before relocating to Montreal in 2018. Often accompanied by an evolving roster of vocalists and musicians equipped with live drums, violin and bass, live accomplishments to date have brought him from Toronto to Newfoundland and back with frequent shows in New York City, performances at Nova Scotia's Evolve Festival, alienInFlux's Harvest Festival in Ontario, Toronto's Promise Cherry Beach, a Box of Kittens/40hz Soundsystem NYE rave and regular performances at events organized by promoters Architextures.

On the recording side, Loopsy Dazy has released two singles, a 2019 LP titled “Estuary”, numerous remixes of other artists including an official remix of “The Ghost in You” by Grammy-nominated electronic music legend BT, and an official remix of "You Changed My Life" by Austra for a 2014 Juno Awards video presentation by FACTOR; He composed the original soundtrack for the documentary titled “When The Iron Bird Flies” and has had his music used by Toronto Fashion Week and other productions.